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 Contest Prep  1000eur (12weeks)

  • Customized training, nutrition, cardio and suppls plan
  • Ongoing physique assessments to target strengths and weakness
  • Ongoing training, nutrition, cardio and suppls updates
  • Individualized posing and presentation coaching
  • Pre-contest check-ins and final-hour adjustments
  • Post contest analysis
  • Email me anytime


Offseason advantage  699eur (12weeks)

The days, weeks and months between contests can be a danger zone for many competitors. Stay on track and continue to improve by learning how to manage all of the post-contest pitfalls and get ahead of the competition with the premier offseason plan in the fitness industry.

  • Immediate post-contest guidelines on how to build off your recent performance
  • Personalized Nutrition, Training, Cardio and Supplement plans to help take your physique to the next level
  • Bi-weekly consultations to ensure continued improvement
  • Advise on how to avoid “binging” post contest and guidelines on how to maintain your conditioning in the offseason


Body transformation  699eur (12weeks or 299eur monthly)

Gain muscle, Lose Fat, Get Lean and Defined

  • Customized training, nutrition, cardio and suppls tailored to your specific transformation goal and lifestyle
  • Regularly scheduled email and phone consultation
  • Bi-weekly photo and progress tracking
  • Exercise instruction and education
  • Tips and tricks to help keep your motivated and excited about your transformation


Nutrition  349eur (12weeks)

You can’t get in the best shape on your life without the putting the right foods in your body. If you think you have the training aspect covered but still can’t seem to build your ideal body. I help you change your body faster than you ever imagined.


Updated custom nutrition plans for all the time

Bi-weekly email consultations



Phone: 00420 724 062 040

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